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Posters ESH 2022

Advantages and limitations of using the AKTIIA cuffless bracelet for a hypertension specialist

aktiia poster esh2022

How many days to confirm hypertension using Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

girerd confirmhtwithhbpm poster esh2022

Evaluation of a digital therapy for uncontrolled hypertensive patients followed by general practitioners in a semi-rural area in France

digitaltherapy poster esh2022


Posters ESH 2021

Autodépistage de la tension dans les populations de salariés selon 2 protocoles 100% numériques : enquêtes OPERA et BRIOCH


Prevalence of hypertension in the General Population by Autoscreening or Home Blood Pressure Monitoring: FLAHS 2020 Survey

prevalenceflahs20 poster ish2021

Contributions of artificial intelligence to the decision-making process when performing a home blood pressure monitoring

iaandhbpm poster ish2021